Did You Know Facebook Is Now Asking Personal Questions?

Did you know that Facebook now tries to know you even better by asking “casual” questions about yourself?

Facebook introduced a new “Did You Know” feature that’s meant to reveal your dreams, secrets and feelings on the social network. In a playful manner of course…

If the new feature is reminiscent of TBH, that’s because Facebook uses its technology after the social network acquired TBH in October this year.

“Did You Know” asks users questions like “The superpower I want most is…”, “My biggest inspiration in life is…”, “I want to be stuck in an elevator with…”.

The new features allows you to open up about yourself, and broadcast your answers to your friends. You know… the 100+ “close friends” you are connected to on Facebook.

You can of course opt out of sharing your answers with your friends. But if you do that, why would you answer those questions in the first place? What’s the point of it?

Right now the questions seem to be playful and silly, but this definitely feels like the start of something that will create even more sophisticated advertiser profiles.

The questions to be asked here is “Can you trust Facebook?”.

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