Kairos: World’s First and Only Mechanical Smartwatch Hybrid [video]


Everybody seems to be tapping the smartwatch market right now. Some products are worth mentioning, others were in a rush to be among the first to hit the market. Few of them are as stunning as the Kairos mechanical-digital hybrid, which is pretty much the materialization of the Apple x Rolex concept we’ve seen a few weeks ago. And I say pretty much because, well, the watch isn’t real right now, but the Kairos claims that it will be shipping the first versions in December of this year.


The Kairos MSW and SSW models will come with actual self-winding watch movements ( Japanese and Swiss ) and a transparent color OLED display. I’m very skeptic about the release of this watch, on the other hand, I also root for the underdog as its release would be a stiff middle finger raised up high and pointed to giant watch makers.

The start-up already takes pre-orders, range between $499 and $1,199 and are non-refundable unless there’s a defect in the watch you’ll actually receive. Check out the official source for more info…