iTwitter: First Twitter Only Client With Push Notification

iTwitter is a brand new application in AppStore, which makes his appearance in the iPhone app scene as the first Twitter only client with push notifications.

The application lets you send and receive messages from twitter and other users to enter their geographical coordinates (only on iPhone). Best part about this app: it is free.

The application is surprisingly fast and has special features that are missing in other applications as Twittelator, Tweet, Twitterrific, Tweetdeck, Twitterfon:

  • Badge for unread messages
  • Landscape mode support for application, and Browser New Message
  • Creating Groups
  • List of Following and Followers
  • Messages saved in cache for fast loading
  • Internal profile viewer
  • You can see the details of the contact through a convenient popup by simply clicking on the photo

There are also some features that are common to other clients, such as the ability to mark all messages as unread, to insert photos into the message and, finally, the “Search” to search for a particular message.

NOTE: The push notifications work only if both users are using iTwitter!

iTwitter is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch, requires firmware 3.0. If you are on twitter make sure you follow me @murdamw