iTunes 11.1.4 Library Wish List Feature Is Now Showing Up


When Apple released iTunes 11.1.4, one of its main features was viewing your iTunes Store Wish List in your music library. The thing is, at the time of release, the feature was M.I.A. , but it’s finally showing up.

Before, you have to go to the iTunes Store home page and click on the Wish List option on the Quick Links menu. Now, you can add sometimes to your Wish List and if you want to check it while in your own music library, click on the drop-down menu button located on the upper right corner below the search field. You can see your music, movies or TV shows on your lists, buy, share your wish lists or even delete items.

Apple made it super easy for users who want to spend a buck in the iTunes Store, but it would’ve been great if Apple had actually made this feature available when they first advertised it. Bad Apple!