Isamu Sanada : New iPhone Concept

All members of FSM are or have been messing around with modern visual arts. Zeke is a graphic designer and tattoo artist , Freek is a mad graphic designer,  ex graff writer and 3D designer ( amongst others ) and other people that you will be able to see their work soon. Me, on the other hand, my first job was as a web/graphic designer, but can’t even compare to this dudes. So it’s only natural we love everything related to art, and we love concepts.

Isamu Sanada created a new concept for the iPhone 4G , that has edge-to-edge glass and a contrasting brushed aluminum body. The look is borrowed form the new line of iMacs (btw: new iMac <3 ). Maybe it’s only natural that Apple pimp up their iPhones design, after introducing the unibody Macbook and Macbook Pro’s and the new line of iMacs.

What do you think about this concept? I mean it is definitely something else, and really gorgeous , but to be honest i would prefer the concept we presented back in June :

[via SlashGear]