ipswDownloader: Find and Download iOS Firmwares and Jailbreaking Tools

ipswDownloader is one of those tools, that makes the process of finding and downloading iOS releases and jailbreaking tools extremely easy. With just a few clicks, you can download any iOS for every device, check out the official Apple info on any iOS, see if you can jailbreak/unlock your device and more.

The tool, is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is open ipswDownloader, select your device and the iOS you want to download and start downloading.

If you want to read the official Apple info on the iOS you are downloading, ipswDownloader got you covered.

Notice in the first screenshot that, after you choose your device and the iOS you want to download, ipswDownloader will display some useful info about that device running that particular iOS:

  • what baseband version comes with that particular iOS
  • IF your device can be jailbroken on that particular iOS. If so, it will also tell you what tools can jailbreak it
  • It will tell you if ultrasn0w supports your iPhone running the desired iOS
  • more info

If all of this is not enough, ipswDownload also offers download paths to all the jailbreaking tools you need and some other useful tools like TinyUmbrella.


  • Mac OS
  • Windows