iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3 Is Out . New Features Added…

New iPhone beta is out, and not much new except bug fixes, and some polish. Same things as the the last beta, but seems much more stable. The camera app is fixed and actually saving photos. There was not another baseband update (5.13) , but there is still no unlock is available, so do not update to this if you rely on an unlock.

A couple of the new things that we have noticed are:

  • Now in location services not only does it have a list of apps but says with in the last 24 hours.
  • An new animation on the unlock screen kind of a 2 step lighting of the back light
  • There are, though some new additions to the Xcode beta. A list of items from the iPad firmware 3.2 is now inherited into iPhone 4.0.
  • Now devs will be allowed to also access the messaging app from with their apps, maybe paving the way for a QuickReply or QuickCompose feature.
  • And more mention of the QuickView that was mentioned slightly at the key note. It will not be a quickView like Mac OS10.5, but more a quick peek at files shared between apps
  • Portrait orientation lock is now present in the Quick Launch bar, when you scroll to the left, where you can also find iPod controls.

All in all the new OS is beginning to have a more finished look and feel, so a summer release is a definite possibility.