iPhone Moisture And Temperature Stress Test [video]

As you know, the iPhone and iPod Touch features sensors to indicate if the devices are exposed to liquids. The detector turns red or pink if the device is exposed to humidity that is likely to cause damage and void the warranty – because the damage can be caused by the user.

Apple’s website specifies that the iPhone is resistant to a temperature ranging from 0 to 35 ( 32 to 95 F ) degrees with humidity ranging from 5 to 95%. So, is that true?

In the video you can see that various tests were performed, starting from a temperature of 25 ( 77 F ) degrees with humidity ranging from 50 to 90%. In all cases, the sensor is still white and then the specifications stated by Apple is accurate.

Other tests are then performed where the iPhone is freezing at -11 ( 12.2 F ) degrees for an entire day. The iPhone continues to work but after 3 attempts the signal turns red.

Now this is quite a change of scenery – we’ve all seen iPhones drowning, yeah?