iPhone Mini Demo Video?

A year or so ago, many people believed that Apple will introduce a iPhone Nano/Mini/Shuffle … well a sized down cheaper iPhone. So far Apple , didn’t even hint the intention of releasing such a product and the rumors started to fade away.

Asian markets are offering us a variety of iPhone clones, but you can clearly identify them as ripoffs. Today we stumbled upon a demo video of an “iPhone mini” that almost has the look and feel of an original iPhone and it can easily fool ( if the OS would be executed correctly ) even the most passionate user.

Notice that this has ( it appears to be ) an original iPhone casing/bezel  and the operating system, although super sluggish,  is almost identical with the one on the iPhone. Unless Apple is planning on releasing an iPhone mini on the 27th ( and nobody cares, therefore tech sites floods us with ubiquitous annoying Apple tablet articles ), this is clearly fake.

Unfortunately this video presents too many genuine elements that can makes us identify it as an original iPhone mini, and whoever uploaded this video, didn’t offer any info, nor embedded the video anywhere ( at least i couldn’t find the video embedded ).

What do you think?