iPhone Erotica: Girls vs. Guys

I just stumbled upon a site called Girls with iPhones which i think it should be some sort of erotica, iPhone fetish site. You can’t see too much skin in the pictures, or better said, you wont see nuff skin, as you would imagine, but surprisingly theres another site called Guys with iPhones… and pretty much cocks are flying in every picture.

Both sites are presenting a minimalistic design, but a very web 2.0ish way to interact with them.You basically have multiple pages, and on every page you have a number of pictures. If you hover your mouse over a pic, you can pretty much delete the pic from the page ( just temporarily so you can “enjoy” just the pics you like ) , you can see the source of the picture or you can arrange the pictures on page as you wish.

You can see some example of pictures in this article. Pretty much its not fair, because i picked the girls for the article according to my good taste , but when i had to pick the dudes, i was something like ” they all lame… ok…. if theres not a cock in the pic, thats the pic”.

So, pretty much this is it. I really dont know what to say about this sites, but im sure some of you will mos definitely enjoy them. The fun to “play” with for a couple of minutes, and if you are gettin aroused by this kind of things, hey… knock yourselves out. Not my problem, and not anybody’s problem…. But , if you know the first dude in the pics, please tell him that the 60’s are over, and pretty much 9.5 girls out of 9 dont like dead animals on partner’s chest….