iPhone 3Gs Running Firmware 3.1: Now You Can Save The ECID Certificate via Cydia

We talked about the problems with iPhone 3Gs and jailbreaking and also , we provided a tutorial on how to downgrade your iPhone 3Gs from firmware 3.1 to 3.0 if you saved your ECID certificate. Also, we informed you about 3Gs downgrade assistant , which will make your life easier when following the tutorial  on how to downgrade your iPhone.

Saurik announced that iPhone 3Gs users can save their ECID files via Cydia, even if they are running iPhone OS 3.1.All iPhone 3Gs users, must perform this procedure to make sure you jailbreak any firmware released by Apple.

To understand the second message, for the non-jailbroken users, read the tutorial on how to downgrade your iPhone 3Gs, linked at the beginning of this article.