iPhone 3Gs Internal Hardware Revealed

During the WWDC ‘09 keynote address, Apple announced that the new iPhone 3G S would be on average two times faster than the current iPhone 3G. What they didn’t reveal is how they were able to accomplish such a task. Apple still hasn’t officially stated what type of inner workings the iPhone 3G S is sporting, but apparently there is no need to wait for Apple to say a word.

According to MacRumors, T-Mobile.nl has posted some technical specifications about the iPhone 3G S which reveals that the device sports a 600MHz processor and 256MB of RAM. In comparison, the current iPhone 3G uses a 412MHz processor with 128MB of RAM while the current generation iPod touch uses a 532MHz processor with 128MB of RAM as well. Both of these devices use the ARMv6 chip.

Another source has given even more specific information and even a complete analysis of the new device. Anandtech has confirmed that the iPhone 3G S uses a 600MHz processor and 256MB of RAM, but they give even more specific information, stating that the device will be sporting the new ARM Cortex A8, the same processor the Palm Pre uses. They also indicate that the iPhone 3G S uses the PowerVR SGX graphics processing unit, once again just like the Palm Pre.

There is so much that can be said about the iPhone 3G S versus the Palm Pre, but I will leave it up to all of you to fight that battle. I will be right here on the sidelines if you need me.