iOS 5 Notification Center Concept [video]

Jan-Michael Cart has created another great concept video outlining various improvements made to Notification Center.

1. Persistent Badge: iOS’s current notification system lacks a way of alerting the user that there are unread messages within Notification Center. The only way to know anything about your notifications is to actually enter Notification Center. Now, the persistent badge lists the number of unread notifications by displaying a small badge in the status bar. It is system-wide and can be seen whenever the status bar is onscreen.

2. Widgets: As my other iOS videos, this one shows how widgets can be implemented within Notification Center. Widgets can make use of the new swipe gestures within Notification Center, take you to apps, and link to more information.

3. Collapsible Notifications: Many apps (especially social networking apps) push out many notifications. Instead of having them all display at once, notification headers can now be collapsed to make more use of the screen.

4. Incoming Calls as Notifications: Since our phones do so much more than just make phone calls, incoming phone calls are no longer interrupting and do not rip you out of your current app. When the phone is in use (and the screen has not dimmed from inactivity), incoming calls now appear as a standard notification banner. Tapping on the notification answers the phone, while simply ignoring the banner dismisses the call once it has gone to Voicemail.

[thx Mike, via]