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Instinctiv Shuffle for iPhone and iPod Touch

New day, new app in Cydia. It’s called Instinctiv Shuffle. Now i wasn’t sure what this app does exactly, so i sent a mail to the devs. The devs did a wonderful job with the reply. Not only it was a fast reply , they also provided me with a nice description of the app and some screenshots. So this post will be a little bit different just to spice things up.I will post the mail i sent them and the reply i got from them.

murda the funky space monkey

I just found smart shuffle on cydia! What does it do exactly? im guessing its somehow a AI like app that learns from your skipped songs and it will ” dictate ” to the built in ipod not to play them so often.

Can u confirm this and maybe provide me with more info? I would like to create a blog post about it

much love,
murda the funky space monkey

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Instinctiv devs

Hey Funky Space Monkey,

You’re exactly right: Instinctiv shuffle analyzes what songs you’re skipping and decides what songs to play next.  It integrates beautifully with the iPod — I’ve attached screenshots — by replacing the default random shuffle.  We figure out what you’re in the mood for right now, what songs you generally like and don’t like and what songs you individually think are similar to other songs in your library — it’s pretty cool, and all you have to do is do what you always do: listen to the songs you want to hear and skip the ones you aren’t in the mood for.  Our users go from skipping every 1.6 songs with random shuffle to every 31 songs with Instinctiv!  Let me know what else we can tell you, and thanks for the write up! ~ PB