Insteon: New LED Lightbulb Can Be Controlled via Smartphone [video]

With the innovative INSTEON LED Bulb, you directly control the bulb itself-no need for plug-in modules or hardwired switches.

This revolutionary LED bulb is the first of its kind to offer networked remote control. Now you can easily build your own home control system without having to ever replace a wall switch. Easily link to INSTEON handheld remotes, wall keypads or even your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Featuring INSTEON’s patented dual-band technology, wirelessly controlling your lights has never been more accessible or economical. Simply put your chosen INSTEON controller into linking mode, screw INSTEON LED Bulb into a light socket and the two are instantly linked. You can even simultaneously control more than one INSTEON LED Bulb, such as in a row of can lights.

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