iNav for Winterboard – Take Your iPhone To the Next Level

I did not test this one yet, because it is recommended to use it on 2.2.1 , and im still on 2.2 . But tomorrow when ill wake up ( hopefully without a headache ) , i got a reason to upgrade to 2.2.1 . So what is iNav ? Here’s a video for you, because visual presentation is the best one in this case :


You can download iNav beta from here but be careful and READ THE INSTRUCTIONS :

Things you will need to install this theme :

  • iPhone with 2.2.1 Firmware (Tested, might work with older firmware)
  • Categories V2.23 (Tested, Might Work with older version)

Ok so to install the theme, it will take a bit of time due to the blank webclips we will be using. (Sorry there was no other/easy way to make the theme without them)

First download Categories V2.23 via cydia.Once downloaded make two new categories by click on the add tab on the top right. Call the first one “Games” without the “” and the next one “Apps” also without the””.

Then place all your games into the Games folder. Next place every app you have apart from **Phone, Settings, Text, Email, Safari, Mediaplayer, and photo’s** into the Apps folder

Now install the blank webclips. to do this place the blank webclips (provided) into : Private>Var>Mobile>Library>Webclips

Now you need to install iNav Bata 1.0 Theme to winterboard. Do this by placing the iNav Beta Folder into: Library>Themes

Now go to winterboard and select the theme and also “No Undocked icon Labels” < Make sure this is above the theme.

Set the blank webclips so they look like this, with 10 webclips and then the application icon. Also set 3 blank icons in the dock and the settings icon in the bottom right of the dock.

Once all that is complete, go into your Apps catogory and you should see a little “i” icon at the bottom right. Click on that make sure the options are set like this:

  • Folder Title: OFF
  • Icon Labels: On
  • Use Background: ON
  • Left/Right Scroll: ON
  • Keep Resident: Off
  • Rows: 3
  • Icons Theme : iNav Beta 1.0

Now do the same for the Games catogory.

That should be more or less all you have to do: if you are having problems installing any part of the theme please post your problems in this forum so I can help you out:

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