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iEarn – Google Adsense on Your iPhone and iPod Touch

Check your Google Adsense™ earnings and statistics on your iPhone. iEarn displays your Google Adsense™ revenue made today, yesterday, last7days, this month and last month. iEarn connects directly with Google Adsense™ Web Server using https.

From Version 1.0 iEarn also displays statistics including Impressions, Clicks, eCPM and CTR. In addition custom reports can be generated for minimizing the bandwidth usage.

No username, password or data are sent to any servers other than Google Adsense™ Web Server. The amounts are downloaded and displayed from the iPhone using the same web browser you use to browse pages from iPhone.

iEarn in addition converts your earnings from USD to EUR, AUD, GBP, CAD, RUB. Please have in mind that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the exchange rates used by iEarn and this feature is given for information purposes only. In case that your currency is not supported iEarn provides the option to set manually the currency symbol and the exchange rate.

iEarn provides a “myEyes only” feature which protects the viewing of the results in case that your iPhone is lost. The user can enable the feature and set the password. In case that the password is lost the user can reset it which will also delete the credentials for security reasons.

iEarn requires Internet Connection in order to communicate with Google Adsense™ servers. Estimated required time to collect Google Adsense™ earnings varies with the connection speed. Usual times are :

  • 25-35 seconds with ADSL 2Mbps accesed via Wifi
    1-1.5 minutes with 3G and
    2.5 minutes with GPRS

iEarn is not affiliated with Google Inc, Google Adsense™ is a trademark of Google Inc.

1) Displays statistics including Impressions, Clicks, eCPM, CTR
2) Support for customized reports i.e. Today only, Today+Last month etc
3) Displays in addition earnings since last payment

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