iClassic: The Oldstyle Click Wheel for Your iPod App

You’ve got an iPhone or iPod touch, but you miss that old click wheel from your old iPod? Yearn for that clickity clack as you’d spin it around looking for a song or play list? Well your wishes have come true.

iClassic is a paid app(2 bucks), from your old friend the Cydia store and the BigBoss repo, that brings you a new iPod app to your jailbroken iDevice. It does not come with the click wheel look because of a copyright issue, but you can download an iClassic theme and apply it in winterboard. Then the transformation is complete, and it is visually just like that iPod classic you used to carry around.

I have been using this for a couple of hours, and it works just like the 5th gen iPod I had years ago. You can even select a black or silver iPod look from the settings in the app. A very smooth interface and smooth scrolling make this well worth the 2 dollars the Developers are charging, as a lot of work must have gone into it. Definatly worth checking out.