The iCade Jr.: Arcade-Style Controller for iPhone And iPod Touch

Remember the iCade, the arcade cabinet for your iPad? Well, it’s now got a little sibling, and if you guessed it was for the iPhone and iPod touch, you’d be correct. The iCade Jr. connects to your pocket device via Bluetooth, giving you four buttons on the front, four buttons on the back, and an arcade-style joystick to give you precise control of 100 Atari classics, as well as any other games that’ve been made with the iCade in mind.


  • Mini arcade cabinet perfectly sized for iPhone and iPod touch
  • Arcade-style joystick, four front-facing buttons and four rear-panel trigger buttons
  • High-quality cradle for iPhone & iPod touch provides safe, secure fit
  • Cable pass-thru slot allows charging while you play
  • iCade Jr. compatible games download directly from the iTunes App Store

There is no word for when the iCade Jr will drop, but we will keep you informed. Stay tuned…