HowTo: Share Your iPhone Screen Onto Your Desktop (Mac or PC) Over WiFi

easy and free way of displaying your iPhone or iPod Touch Screen on your desktop

So you want to show off that app to some some friends but you can’t all crowd around your precious little iPhone. What if somebody bumped you? Or you want to show off some features of the operating system and can’t hold the camera still and everybody gets motion sickness.

Well theres a very easy way to do it. All you need is an iDevice iPhone or iPod Touch thats been jailbroken and a computer running Safari so if you’re on a Mac your golden, and if you’re on a PC go download safari from here

Now first thing to do Is to open Cydia and go to search and enter Screen Splitr click install and then confirm.

NOTE: I already have it installed so thats why it says modify not install

After it finishes installing close Cydia and then navigate to and then Launch Screen Splitr it’ll do its little thing and then an on badge will show

Easy enough so far right? Now launch Safari and in the upper right hand corner you will see the book marks icon (the little open book) click on it then click on the bonjour tab.

Your device should show up. Mine is called 3.0 phone because I’m on 3.0 Clever huh?

You will double click on your device and a new window will open you will be asked to accept to the connection and you are now viewing your screen

Of course its gonna be a little laggy as it is over wifi and not a true video out but its good enough to preview an app for someone and make a sweet screen recording of that app you just found.

NOTE: this is the work of ZekeFSM, the newest member of the FSM family. Also Read: HowTo: Screen Share With DemoGod on iPhone and iPod Touch