HowTo: Use Full Length Songs As iPhone Ringtones

In the last post FSMdotCOM teached you how to change your iPhone SMS tone. Now it’s time to learn how to use a full length song as a iPhone ringtone. Of course you dont have to use a 45 mins mixtape, because that would be insane , but using this tutorial, you can bypass the 40 seconds limit that Apple thought it would be soooo cool to implement. Because , yeah, everybody wants their super cool new shiny iPhone to ring like a bell tower. Not cool Apple, not cool….

Pretty much this tutorial is the same as the last post on FSMdotCOM on how to create a iPhone ringtone, but with one difference: you gotta SSH.If the first part on creating the AAC version of the song you want its tricky with bullet points, make sure you visit the previous post , where you will find pictures along side text in the tutorial.

  • Choose your song in iTunes
  • Click right and select “Create AAC Version”
  • Choose the new version and click right “Show in Finder” or just drag and drop it on your desktop.
  • Rename it from whatever.m4a to whatever.m4r
  • Connect to your iPhone via SSH/S-FTP or DiskAid
  • Copy the whatever.m4r into /Library/Ringtones
  • Enjoy your full-length ringtone

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