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HowTo Email a Photo From Your iPhone As MMS

Now if in the last post i was showing you how to send a photo via email, i believe this post its much more interesting. If you ask any iPhone users , what is it that their cell phone is lacking they will have a short straight answer : MMS.

Well, of course there are alternatives like SwirlyMMS in cydia and PhotoFling in the appstore , but there is a free alternative in our beloved iPhone. It was here all the time. The email app.

So bare with me, this is a pretty complex process :

  • Insert a picture in your email ,( learn how to do that here )
  • instead of the email address insert :

That’s it 😛 Now the other person will receive the photo as a normal MMS message.

TIP 1 : i couldn’t find my carriers mms address, so i just phoned them and asked.

TIP 2 : there’s no need for you to remember the carrier mms address. just assign it to your contacts.

TIP 3 : If you want to receive mms messages from your friends, just tell them to send it to the email address that you have set up on your iPhone. NOT to your phone number


NOTE 1 : xxx represents the phone number

NOTE 2 : this is all i could find. please comment with your carriers mms address

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