HowTo: Crack AppStore iPhone Apps With AppCrack, Crackulous Replacement For iPhone OS 3.0

So as you may know (or not) , the infamous Crackulous , the app that strips the DRM out of AppStore iPhone apps is not iPhone OS 3.0 compatible. But some dude named MadHouse came up with a replacement for Crackulous named AppCrack.

Before i explain you how to get it, and how to use it, i need to explain ( AGAIN ) how this things work, so i will avoid all the questions, and the “ohhh man, really?!?! this sucks, why would one make such an app if… ” comments/emails i got when i wrote about Crackulous :

  1. using AppCrack,  you can ONLY crack AppStore apps
  2. you CAN NOT crack Cydia apps with AppCrack
  3. in order to crack AppStore apps, you MUST buy the app from the AppStore first and sync it with your device
  4. if your mother/father/uncle/ant/grandma/grandpa/brother/sister/cousin/neighbour/friend/boyfriend/                                         girlfriend/cat/dog/hamster etc bought the app and they got it on their device, they CAN NOT transfer the purchased app onto your device in order to crack it

Before you actually get AppCrack on your device, you will need to get some other stuff from Cydia. Some of this apps you may already have installed ( if not all of them ) , and all of them are on default repos so you should have no problem on finding them:

  • Erica Utilities
  • Darwin CC Tools
  • GNU Debugger
  • Core Utilities
  • gawk
  • APT 0.6 Transitional
  • SQLite 3.x
  • SQLite 3.x Libraries
  • zip
  • Terminal

How To Get and Use AppCrack ( Hacker – Command Line )

  1. Download this archive:
  2. Extract it and copy AppCrack file into /usr/bin/ on the iPhone
  3. Set permission on this file (AppCrack) to 0777 or 777
  4. Open Terminal and type : AppCrack [Application Name] [Cracker Name] ( !!!!!! CASE-SENSITIVE  !!!!!! )
  5. You can find the cracked apps in /var/mobile/Cracked

Click on the images to enlarge them

How To Get and Use AppCrack ( User – Graphical UI )

  1. Add the source to Cydia/Icy.
  2. Install AppCrack
  3. Respring

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The screenshot below is of CyberDuck ( Mac ), and you can see both apps cracked with AppCrack. As you can see, if you use the first method , cracker’s name will be automatically added to the name of the app.

thx mupkoc