HowTo: Get Battery Percentage on iPhone 2G/3G Running OS 3.0

As you might know, a battery percentage was found as an option on non jailbroken iPhones by developers on beta versions of the new iPhone OS 3.0 . But when the OS was officially released, there was nowhere to be found. The mystery was soon unveiled and the much wanted battery percentage is only available on the new iPhone 3Gs.

There wasnt a way for iPhone 3G users to have that , untill now. Unfortunately this methods i am about to tell you about are only available to jailbroken devices. So if you are not part of the jailbreaking community, this is your chance. You are missing a lot.

Method 1: SBSettings

This is the easiest way you can get the battery percentage. SBSettings is a must have app for jailbroken devices anyway, so you will shoot two rabbits with one shot. Read about SBSettings here

Method 2: asBattery

This tweak is availabe via Cydia. First thing you need to do is to add this repo: . Than go to Changes or Search and look for “asBattery” . This was tested with iPhone 3G ONLY, so 2G users you are alone here. Install the tweak and reboot your phone after install. Than go to Settings – General – Usage to activate it.