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HowTo: Backup iPhone’s Calendar, Notes, Photos, Mail and Safari Bookmarks

ATTENTION: Also read HowTo: Manually BackUp Your iPhone

Yesterday the iPhone DevTeam wrote a new blog post where they basically told us battery loss does not occur because of UltraSn0w, and they told us that when we restore the iPhone, we should set it up as a “New Phone” and not restore it from the previous backup.

FSMdotCOM, informed you yesterday how to save your contacts and sms messages but there are a lot of things you can backup, and i got some comments and emails from you guys asking me how to do this.

The process is as simple as it was before, and it involved SSH . So let’s see how to save some more data.

How to backup Calendar:

  • SSH into your device and go to /private/var/mobile/Library/Calendar
  • Copy Calendar.sqlitedb to your computer

How to backup Notes:

  • SSH into your dedvice and go to /private/var/mobile/Library/Notes
  • Copy notes.db and notes.idx to your computer

How To back up Photos:

This doesent require any SSH. You can just connect your iPhone to the computer and copy your photos:


  • connect iPhone
  • open iPhoto and copy your photos
  • or use iPhoneExplorer. Read about it here


  • connect iPhone
  • open MyComputer
  • you will see the iPhone as a new device ( a photo camera ) . Open it and save your photos

How to backup Mail:

You dont need to back up your email accounts. Those are not stored on your iPhone.

How to backup Safari Bookarks:

sorry , no idea how to SSH and save safari bookmarks. You can do it with iTunes, but that means you will get it back if you restore your iPhone from backup, and the point is not to do so.

if you have any idea where one can find safari bookmarks in the iPhone, let me know in the comments and ill post it here. thx

it seems im blind. it was in front of me all the time, but i couldnt find it. so, how to it:

  • SSH into your device and go to /private/var/mobile/library/safari
  • copy bookmarks.plist and bookmarks.plist.anchor.plist

NOTE: if you want to backup your history as well, just copy the entire folder ( Safari ) to your computer.


How to backup videos from 3rd party apps:


  • SSH into your device
  • go to /private/var/mobile/media/videos

iPhone Video Recorder for 3G:

  • SSH into your device
  • go to /private/var/mobile/media/iphonevideorecorder/