HOW TO: Work Smarter on Your iPhone [video]


Are you really getting the most value out of your smartphone when you get your phone bill at the end of each month? The guys at HC came up with 5 tips that you can use to work smarter on your iPhone and even get paid for using it.

Jump over the break to check out the tips and video…

  • Optimize your actions: We all consume information differently – some of us like listening, some prefer reading, optimize your phone accordingly. For example, for those of you who hate listening to voicemails – download the Google Voice app which will turn that time-consuming audio into a nice, neat email.
  • Keep a record: Recording apps, like Total Recall will let you manually or automatically record calls, send you an email transcript of the call, and more. Just make sure you aren’t doing illegal recording – let the people you’re talking to know they’re being recorded.
  • Link to the cloud: Never again fumble around for a lost thumb drive or search breathlessly through your email for a presentation attachment. Link your phone to the cloud with an app like DropBox and enjoy always having your files just a few finger strokes away.
  • Don’t overlook the camera: The camera function of your smartphone is ultimate memory for anyone who is forgetful. Parked in a big parking garage? Take a picture of the level you’re on. See a book in a window you want to buy online later? Snap a photo. Need to scan something but don’t have a scanner? Take a picture and send it in an email.
  • Literally make money with your smartphone: Last but not least, put your phone to work with apps like Gigwalk which allows you to accept a job, like taking a picture of a restaurant’s menu, in exchange for some compensation.

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