HOW TO: Run Apple’s Gorgeous Aerial Screensavers on Windows


I showed you how to run Apple TV’s gorgeous aerial screensavers on your Mac and Linux machine. Now it’s time to make them run on a Windows machine.



1. Download the latest release of the Aerial screen saver here.

2. Extract the downloaded .zip file, and you will get two files Aerial.exe and Aerial.scr


3. Right click on Aerial.scr and click on Install


4. Once installed, Screen Saver Settings should open and the Aerial screensaver should be selected.


5. Configure to your liking

6. Enjoy!



To uninstall the Aerial screensaver from your machine, just delete the .scr file.


For more info, like getting temporary 4K version of the videos and troubleshooting, check out the official project page on GitHub.