HOW TO: Replace The Stock iOS Weather App With Yahoo! Weather [ kind of…]


Last week Yahoo has released a beautiful new weather app for iOS. It’s so beautiful and well-made that most iOS users wished for a way to replace the stock weather app with Yahoo’s new app. While there isn’t a trick to do that yet, we might have the workaround you’ve been looking for. It’s not a complete replacement solution but it’s good enough.


1. Download Yahoo! Weather from the app store

2. Download OpenOther from Cydia

3. In go to OpenOther and set:

  • app to redirect :
  • redirect:


4. That’s it. Now every time you will tap on the stock it will open the beautiful Yahoo! Weather app

NOTE: don’t delete Yahoo! weather. If you delete it, the trick won’t work anymore. You can, however, hide Yahoo! weather app from your Springboard using SBSettings.