HOW TO: Cheat at ‘Dream Tim’ Game for iOS


Today I’m going to continue my ‘how to cheat at’ saga with a new game for iOS: Dream Tim. In this tutorial you’re going to learn how to get loads of gold , extra lives and more. Jump over the break to start…

This will give you:

  • 2,000,000,000 gold – to purchase items in the shop
  • 25 heart slots – so you can “buy” 25 extra lives with all that free gold!
  • ACIDPOTION – titled acidBlade in the plist (FREE!)
  • ICEPOTION – titled iceBlade in the plist (FREE!)
  • FIREPOTION – titled fireBlade in the plist (FREE!)
  • DOUBLECOINS – titled doubleMoneyStore in the plist (FREE!)

So now that the basics are out of the way, let’s get to the actual cheating!


1. Download Dream Tim

2. Via iFunBox (or a similar application) navigate to /var/mobile/Applications/<RANDOM-FOLDER-NAME-FOR-Dream Tim>/Library/Preferences

3. Copy com.lovbl.dreamtim.plist to your Desktop or anywhere that you can edit it from.

4. Using plist Editor for Windows or a similar plist editor change the following values to reflect these:





























3. Save the file overwriting the original on your desktop or wherever you saved it

4. Copy the file back to your Device using the same program as you did on step 2 overwriting the file on your Device.

5. Launch Dream Tim and enjoy your LOADS of gold, extra life slots & potions all for FREE!  You know what they say… if you don’t have skills, cheat!

About the Contributor

D2 founded the now defunct iDevice cracking group [C4iD] (Cracks 4 iDevice) as well as guest hosted The iH8sn0w Cast podcast along with iH8sn0w (available on the iTunes Store)!  He is now focusing on finding security exploits to make the iOS safer as well as searching for device side cheats for App Store games.

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