At last you can easily get your Hotmail on your iPhone. m•Box Mail is designed to help you get your Hotmail as you are used to getting your Hotmail. It is like the “native” or built-in mail application on the iPhone – only it speaks the Windows Live Hotmail protocol.

Finally, you can have your Hotmail messages and folders on your iPhone screen ready to use at a moment’s notice. No more trying to log onto a Web site and struggling through your email. Instead you can access your Hotmail, organize it, delete it and send it – all from your iPhone, with the familiar iPhone user interface you’ve become so adept at using.

Our customers are iPhone users who prefer to use Windows Live Hotmail for their email. Here are the features that m•Box Mail gives you:

Easy Startup

Just enter your Windows Live Hotmail address and your password to start using m•Box Mail. You have the ability to choose how many email bodies are available on the device through easy-to-use m•Box Mail settings found in the iPhone settings. This means you can view 25 messages or 200 at a time.


In today’s world, your information is only as secure as your email account. There is no middle man with m•Box Mail. This application speaks directly to the Windows Live Hotmail servers so you do not have to worry about your confidential information getting stored elsewhere. Your email, user name and password are not stored outside your mobile device. Passwords are securely kept in iPhone’s key store so they do not get into the wrong hands.

Sync your Hotmail and Live Mail

Sync your Microsoft Hotmail or Live Mail to iPhone, including all the read and unread flags. All your folders also are available through m•Box Mail so you can stay organized even while on the go.


Fast and Efficient

m•Box Mail is highly optimized for mobile platforms so access to your email is the best possible experience. For example, you will be amazed at how fast your email is synced onto your iPhone.


View emailed image attachments right on your iPhone.

Hotmail Contacts

All your Hotmail contacts are available so addressing an email from your iPhone is now as easy as doing it from your computer.

Send from Hotmail

m•Box Mail supports sending email from your Hotmail account. Your signature also can be customized on your iPhone for outgoing messages, and you can edit your sent messages folder – keep email for review or delete them as wanted.