hClipboard – Globally Copy and Paste for iPhoneOS

New day, new app in Cydia and it’s called hClipboard. hClipboard is a globally copy and paste solution for the iPhoneOS 2.2 based on iKeyEx.When the keyboard appears, switch to hClipboard by tapping the International button ( the Globe ). Than hit the copy button and now the entire text should now appear on the top of the clipboard.

Copying a portion of text

Move to the begining of the range of text that you want to copy. Than tap the “select from here…” button, than move to the end and than tap the ” select to here…” button and “copy” button ( which is the same button ) again. You can use the “move to begining” and “move to end” button to aid navigation.

Copying Webpage Content

You have to install a bookmarlet in order to copy from a webpage content. See CopyingTextFromSafari for instruction


Just tap any item from the clipboard to paste it. The item just paste will move to the top of the clipboard.

Deleting from Clipboard

Swipe horizontally on any items will reveal a “Delete” button. Tap this button and the item will be gone.


hClipboard supports a secondary clipboard called Templates. Hit the Switch to Templates/Clipboard button on the lower left corner to switch between the two.The main difference between Templates and Clipboard is that Templates can hold infinitely many items, while Clipboard has an upper limit of 10 items. Therefore, Templates is better for storing  more permanent text like user name while Clipboard is better for temporary things like activation codes.