Handmade Japanese iPhone Cases

Yeah, I know the iPhone 4 is out, and it is the hottest thing since the iPhone 3Gs. But a lot of people are still rocking an iPhone 3G or 3Gs and they don’t really plan to upgrade it ( at least not in the near future ). We definitely didn’t forget about you guys, because that would be iPhone racism, and today we’re presenting you some amazing japanese iPhone cases ( and this comes from a guy who pretty much hates all cases… ) .

Japanese select shop Tokishirazu has worked with traditional Japanese craft company Maruwakaya to come up with various versions of the handmade iPhone cases for 3G and 3GS phones. The style derives from 400 year old traditional techniques and each black case is detailed in navy dot patterns for a touch of oriental sophistication. It also comes packaged in a custom wooden box that is branded with Tokishirazu logo on the front.

[via freshnessmag]