Google Chrome Updated With Voice Search [video]


Google has updated their Chrome browser to v27.0.1453.93 bringing voice search to the desktop. After you update your Chrome browser, just head to and click on the microphone in the search box. You’ll  have to give permission (look for the bar across the top of the window) to listen to your voice, then start asking questions.

You can ask anything you can think of, and it works just like magic. Well most of the time. Let me rephrase that…. when it works, it works like magic. Because the new update it’s a little bit buggy. In my test, Voice Search says that there is no internet connection when there clearly is one. But I’ve found out that a couple restarts of the browsers will fix the problem. Until it pops-up again. Hopefully Google will issue an update soon to fix this problem.

Check out the video below to see the new Voice Search in action…