HOW TO: Get Free iTunes, Amazon, PlayStation, Xbox etc Gift Cards and Free AT&T and Verizon Refill Cards


Some of you might be familiar with this system, some of you might not. I’ve been personally using it for around 4 years now, and it’s been great. I mainly use it for Amazon and App Store/Mac App Store credit but you can use it for Google Play, Steam, Hulu Plus, PlayStation, Xbox, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Dominos, Sephora and so many more gift card options. Not only that but you can also get free AT&T and Verizon refill cards.

I’m talking about FreeMyApps, a system that rewards you with all the gift cards mentioned above for practically doing nothing. All you have to do is download free apps from the App Store or Google Play and run them for 30 seconds. That’s it.

How To:

1. From your iOS device visit this page ( tap on “this page” ) with Safari.

2. Tap on Get Started


3. You’ll be redirected to a new screen to install the FreeMyApps provisioning profile. Install it. NOTE: don’t worry about it, this is how the system tracks your performance and awards you points that you can redeem for gift cards.


4. Now you’ll be redirected back to FreeMyApps where you can start to download free apps. Run each app for at least 30 seconds and you will earn points. After that, you can delete the app if you want to.

5. Once you have enough points ( it will be pretty fast ) you can go go to the “Redeem” tab and choose what you want to exchange your points for ( i.e. iTunes gift card ).

That’s it. It can’t be simpler. And it’s totally worth it. I’ve been using it for a looong time and it helped me a lot. Just take a look at my current iTunes/App Store/Mac App Store credit balance…