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Geek Warz 2.0: GeoHot vs Chronic DevTeam – Who landed On iPlymouth Rock First

OMG, here is it again. Translating this in the candy dream pop world it would be like this. Picture this scene: two spoiled 16 years old brats going to school wearing the same dress ( or w/e really ) . Pfuuu , oh no she didnt. I saw it first. Bitch what, i saw this first. My daddy can beat your daddy. What ever.

Geek Warz 2.0 continues. We told you that GeoHot announced that his working on a new tool that will jailbreak all the iDevices. We also told you that he almost stop working at the tool because of the Chronic DevTeam.

Now guess what? p0sixninja from Chronic DevTeam said that they found that exploit first and they came up with proof.

The discussion goes on and on , but we only have one question. If the Chronic DevTeam really found the exploit first ( we’re not denying that ), why do they focus their energy in this beefs and they didnt do something about it?