Gangstar: The Mysterious Game from Gameloft Similar To GTA

Do you remember You Have No Idea What’s Coming on iPhone: Mysterious iPhone Game Trailer ? It was a website, where there was a mysterious trailer to an upcoming iPhone and iTouch game.

The game is called Gang$tar and its a clone of worlds famous GTA. The games seems to appear one of the most amazing games ever made for the iPhone/iTouch with a pretty impressive 3D graphics.

The game is set in Los Angeles and the stars of the games are some criminal who must earn money by stealing cars and carrying out certain missions, just like GTA.

By acting in this way will increase both the fame and the power of their band and we can perform tasks more and more big and dangerous. One of the strengths of this game is the dual-mode “Pawn” or “Car”, which literally transforms into a racing game. Unfortunately there will be a while ‘waiting since Gang$tar is scheduled for August.

Here are some screenshots and videos. Props to and TouchArcade: