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Gaming on the Go has Never Been Easier


From a gamer’s point of view, we live in a wonderful age. Our phones and watches, and soon a myriad of other devices, will become connected and fitted with hardware strong enough to run at least some basic games. Soon we may be playing Candy Crush on our fridges in the kitchen while waiting for the food to thaw, or even word games against Siri and our car’s onboard computer while driving on the highway. These times are closer than you can imagine.

Right now we have two main options for gaming on the go: smartphones (and tablets, and phablets, of course) and smart watches. The first one is better for gaming right now, as it has a decent-sized screen. The bigger, the better, you might say – this idea led to the larger-than-usual iPhone models released not long ago. When it comes to smartwatches, I expect a different type of game to be introduced soon – one that doesn’t rely that much on touch, but on other forms of interaction – voice, glances, or whatever else engineers might imagine.

The real money gaming industry has seen perhaps the biggest mobile leap in the last two decades. Playing away from a computer was for a long time the players’ dream, and places like Euro Palace were eager to satisfy these needs. Not that the technology of the “back in the day” was a perfect fit for this purpose: the phones were slow, and the screens small. The true boom followed the release of the iPhone, back in 2007. Since then mobile gaming – and mobile gambling – has exploded. The number of games at Euro Palace has grown from a handful to a hundred, and the number – and sophistication – of mobile payment options has grown, too. Mobile gambling has become not just a viable, but the preferred way of gaming for most players. More players have decided to join the Euro Palace mobile casino for gaming on the go than ever before, thanks to its ease of use, accessibility, and cross-platform availability.

Come to think of it, there’s no game category that wouldn’t be available for smartphones today. Puzzles, casual games, and word games are the obvious choices, but racing games, and even first-person shooters have also invaded the world’s number one portable gaming platform. I personally don’t like to play such games on the phone – they need way too much concentration and dedication. But I can imagine situations in which even I, the old-school gamer, would resort to playing such games. Until then I will stick with my favorites, the slot machines of the Euro Palace, which are perfect for playing on a smartphone screen. Or, why not, on a smartwatch.