FSMdotCOM Presents CMYKdays

I was trying to find a way to keep in touch with all of you on a even more personal level. I thought the best idea was to create subdomains to FSMdotCOM and present you my “dark sides”. But i was talking to some friends, and it seems ( at least for now ) that Tumblr is the best way to go for this. So , what exactly is CMYKdays ? Well it’s my new , let’s say project although , project is too much of a word to describe CMYKdays.

It’s a blog on a free platform , where i will present you my other interests. Most likely it will be full of music and graphic design ( and sometimes both in one ) but im sure i will not be limited by only those things. Basically if i find something that moves me in some way, ill post it on CMYKdays . I doubt that i will be create text posts , because , well … because time is not always on my side.

Why CMYKdays ? Because its not a site focused on just a niche. Anything goes there. If something is worth spreading, you will find it on CMYKdays. So , check out http://cmykdays.tumblr.com/ and let me know what you think.