The FSM Experiment: No Jailbreak For A Week – Day 1

Well, day one has passed with my bone stock iPhone 3G[S], and its not as painful as I thought it would be. I found my self swiping at the dock to scroll across like infinidock and its defiantly slower not having overboard to pick which homescreen I need to be on. I only have 4 pages of apps right now, and one of those being only games, and one being stock apps. but the pages are all the way full. Battery life is great, and the phone is snappy, but could be a placebo affect since its a fresh DFU install.

Heres what I do miss though, and in my opinion, the main reason to jailbreak QUICK REPLY. When sitting and trying to write something in notes and search on Safari, and people keep texting/IM’ing you and you need to reply but you have to keep closing out of what ever you’re doing…aaaaggh.. its maddening.

Multi-tasking, such as Backgrounder and PreSwitcher would be nice to have, but not quite as necessary as maybe the LastApp way. I found that i really was only using maybe 2 apps at a time, and Safari keeps its place, and the iPod app will play in the background.

I’m also missing my lockscreen data..calendar events, mail notifications, and a quick peek at the weather. Things I like, but could maybe live with out. Maybe. I was using LockInfo, but have used QuickWidgets and SmartScreen as well. And will be putting one of those back on after returning to the Jailbreak world.

All in all not a bad day with the device, but I was pretty busy and was on a laptop most of the day, so not mobile. Day 2 will be more mobile, since I will be away from the office for a day off. So it will be more tasking on my sanity.

If you’re jailbroken on 3.1.2, don’t upgrade, and loose the jailbreak…Its lonely out here.

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