Fruit Ninja for iOS Updated With 4 New Blades, New Background and All-New Challenge System

fruit-ninja-FSMdotCOMHalfbrick Studios updated today the super popular fruit slashing game for iOS, Fruit Ninja with 4 new blades, new background and all-new challenge system. This expansion introduces an entirely new gameplay mechanic and puts a fresh twist on the juicy phenomenon you know and love. Prepare to test your reflexes like never before and keep coming back for even higher scores. It’s time to end the year with a bang!

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  • Think you’ve already mastered Fruit Ninja? Think again! Introducing an all-new challenge system with stacks of new content.
  • These exhilarating encounters will test all aspects of your fruit slicing skill set so be prepared for another wave of non-stop excitement!


  • Benjamin Blade – Make it rain!
  • Northern Lights Blade – Light up the sky.
  • Wind Blade – Makes slicing a breeze!
  • Comet Blade – For cosmic collisions.


  • Koi Pond – Here fishy, fishy, fishy!

Fruit Ninja is available for iPhone ( $0.99 – iTunes link ) and iPad ( $2.99 – iTunes link )