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Flurry: The Next Tweetbot?

As if there were not enough twitter apps for iOS, a new player has entered the store. This one however is special as it comes from the fairly renowned jailbreak dev, Aaron Ash.

If you have ever had the pleasure of using any of his tweaks in jailbreak land, you know he has an eye for detail, and a unique flair that shines threw in everything he puts his hands on. Knowing this, we were excited to get our hands on his latest venture, Flurry for twitter.

At first glance the app is beautifully done. Everything about the UI screams polish and class. Like most premium twitter apps, the “first load” page is elegant, and to the point. If logged in to iOS’s global twitter, the app just hops right on. Obviously you still need to authorize for DM’s later is you chose, but more-less its a one tap login. This is nice.

The app itself flows nicely. Everything is relatively easy to get to and exactly where you would expect it to be. One nice touch is that animations, and how the app transitions from pane to pane. A lot of apps employ animated transitions, but its VERY easy to overdo it, leaving the user with an almost seasick feeling. That being said, all of the popular “premium” twitter apps do all of this fairly well. Its almost expected. What I didn’t expect was the features this app DOES NOT have.

For a paid twitter app, a few things are pretty much expected today. Things like push notifications, use of the streaming API, and customizable sharing options. Flurry has none of these. In fact, even if you can get beyond the lack of push, and the almost inexcusable lack of streaming, the settings pane is so sparse, its a wonder why it’s there at all! I could ramble on about this, but I digress.

With all the buzz on this app, I was expecting something really great. Finally a tweetbot contender. However, at the end of the day, frankly Im disappointed. Yes, its a 1.0. But its a half baked 1.0. At very best this app is nothing more then a pretty skin on the standard twitter app, which is free btw.

Ultimately you are paying for a pretty skin and animations. Could it beat Tweetbot? Perhaps one day. But its a LONG way from that mark at this point. For now, its just another twitter client, destined to fade into obscurity like the hundreds of apps before it.

If you feel so inclined to check out Flurry for twitter, you can find it in the App Store today for $4.99.