Fix ‘“Warning: You Are Running Low On Memory’ iPhone Issue

Are you getting Warning: You Are Running Low On Memory pop-ups on your iPhone? Here’s a quick fix

Today we were invaded with emails regarding this issue. We also got complaints on our Facebook page. Don’t worry , there’s nothing wrong with your iPhone. RockApp is tripping again.

I have a Jailbroken 3.1.2 3GS.
Yesterday my phone started telling me I was “Low on Memory, Delete Photos and Videos”. Which was really weird because I hadn’t added anything new to my phone and I know I’m NO WHERE near low on space.

When I woke up this morning, my phone was completely frozen. After restarting it, I wasn’t able to receive texts or even send texts; also, my email alert kept going off. I also continued to get the “Low Memory” message.

So I hooked my phone up to iTunes and noticed I had less than 1mb of storage space left; with over 13gigs of “Other” filling up my phone. I deleted some pictures and videos, but the “Other” section stays the same.
What could this 13gigs of “Other” be?

I was just going to reinstall 3.1.2, but then if I do it from a “backup”, I’ll end up with this 13gigs back on the phone anyway. And I don’t really feel like losing all my contacts.

Here’s the fix:

1. Update RockApp ( i don’t even know if they released the update yet ) – the update should fix it


2. Load RockApp and tap ok “Clear cache”


3. SSH into your iDevice ( or use iFile\Diskaid ) and browse to /var/mobile/Library/RYP/logs . Delete rockapp_{date}.log

Happy iPhone-ing…