Fisheye, Macro And Wide Angle iPhone Camera Lenses [video]

They say, the best camera is the one that you always got with you. You always have your iPhone in your pocket, and there are tons of amazing photo apps in the app store. But sometimes, to get up-close and personal you need to go beyond ( just ) an app. You can get this iPhone 4 Quattro HD case, which makes your iPhone look ridiculous, or arm yourself with the fisheye and macro/wide angle lenses from PhotoJojo.


  • Detachable magnetic ring sticks with adhesive to your phone
  • Lens attaches to phone via magnetic ring
  • Compatible with any camera phone
  • Powerful macro lens focuses between 10-23mm from your subject
  • Wide angle lens 0.68x wide
  • Fish-eye lens 180 degree angle (0.28x)
  • Lenses range between 15.8mm-25mm diameter x 6.5mm-15mm length
  • Back and front lens covers to prevent scratching of glass
  • Will cover the flash on an iPhone4

These two small yet powerful and finely constructed lenses ( one fisheye and one combo wide-angle/macro ), are pretty much an amazing addition to the iPhone, BUT not perfect:

  • iPhone 4: it works fine but not perfectly. The ring fits the phone, but it does cover the flash, and because of that super slick glass the stickiness of the ring isn’t so super. For best results on the iPhone 4, we recommend you use a case that covers the back of your phone, and stick the ring to the case. In addition, you can cut a notch in their ring with household scissors to expose the flash. A few minor hacks.
  • iPhone 3G/3Gs and iPods: again not perfectly. The curve of the device(s) will cause the edge of the fisheye and wide angle lens to be seen in your photos. The macro lens won’t have this issue. You can easily crop the edge of the lens out of your photos with your favorite photo-editing program! Photoshop app, ftw. Also, because of the curve of the device(s) you will have a hard time sticking the metal rings.

That would be the only down-sides of these lenses. Nothing major. As we said above there are two lesens:

  • 180 degrees fisheye lens: with this lens, you can see the image with the range of 180 degrees from the right to the left on your device.
  • 2-in-1 SmartLENS ( macro + wide-angle ): Take wide-angle and close-up shots with your device. Macro lens: close-up 1.6 cm ; wide-angle lens: 0.68x

With any of these lenses you will get:

  • magnetic holder for convenient storage
  • magnetic stick-on rings ( no other adaptors required )
  • lens cap to avoid damage to the lens

To be honest, the wide-angle lens is far from being impressive, but the fisheye and macro lenses are pretty much amazing. Let’s take a look at some pictures:

Fish-eye lens (click to enlarge)

Wide-angle lens ( click to enlarge )

Macro lens ( click to enlarge )

All in all, these lenses would be a great addition to any iOS device. You can buy the fisheye lens for $25, the macro/wide-angle lens for $20 or both for $40 from PhotoJojo.

Joey, one of our readers, got excited about the pictures we posted on our Facebook page and, he already got his set of lenses. He also made this awesome vid, using the fisheye lens. So, check it out and give him props….