Exclusive Screenshots: Assassin’s Creed for iPhone

About a month ago you could read ,or better yet see, on FSMdotCOM about the First Video of Assassin’s Creed for iPhone. Today i really doubt that that is the iPhone version of the game. Because today, IGN Wireless, posted exclusing screenshots of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed for iPhone.

The game is set to be released “in just a few weeks” and will be largely based on Altair’s Chronicles for the Nintendo DS.You must rely on a medieval form of parkour — think urban gymnastics with minaret flair — to clamber up walls, scurry along rooftops, and generally avoid detection from numerous guards, thugs, and vicious Templar knights. Altair’s acrobatics are controlled with on-screen virtual controls that look quite a bit like the successful set-up from Gameloft’s Hero of Sparta.