Essentials: OPK of Chronic DevTeam

Today, we’re starting an expose of developers/awesome mofos and the essentials that they carry with them at all times. Whether traveling or commuting, what are the items they can’t leave home without? What do they carry them in? Also, what are their top 5 apps/tweaks they can’t live without?

First to jump on board with us is OPK of Chronic DevTeam. Head over the break to check out his Essentials…

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Quick rundown of whats in the pic:

  1. MacbookPro8,2 (8GB RAM, 500GB HDD)
  2. iPhone4S 32GB in a Speck Camo case
  3. Jawbone Era Bluetooth headset for iPhone4S
  4. iPod Touch 4G 8GB in a Black Speck Pixel Skin case
  5. Beats By Dre SoloHD Headphones
  6. iPad 2 32GB
  7. EFF Cap (Support EFF to defend your rights in the digital world! :D)
  8. Futurola King Size, Super Thins and Lighter (I had to add them, i really dont leave home without them :P)
  9. My Favourite, now collectable Colorado Boots (Size10)
  10. Aviator Sunglasses

Top 5 Apps/Tweaks:

  1. SBSettings by Bigboss (Cydia)
  2. BigBoss’s Recomended Tools – Hacker Tools and more (Cydia)
  3. LogMeIn (Appstore)
  4. 1Password Pro (Appstore)
  5. Scany (Appstore)