HowTo: Fix DiskAid/iPhoneBrowser,WinterBoard etc. Problems Caused by Blackra1n

This morning, GeoHot explained  why users have problems with iFunBox or iPhoneBrowser, following the jailbreak with blackra1n. In case you are wondering,  these programs are very useful and allow you to browse the folders of your device using USB, rather than WiFi.

So there I was, freshly jailbroke on 3.1.2 thanks to blackra1n. Now the hard part, put everything back to where it was. I plug in my iPhone and launch DiskAid..but wait. No access to the root folder. That can’t be right. I’m jailbroken.

Well it seems I’m not alone in this problem. Users of iPhone Browser and Diskaid are all running into this. The problem is with a little string thats missing due to the new jailbreak.Its an easy fix….

First on your device install OpenSSH from Cydia. You will also need an FTP client. I use YummyFTP for Mac and SmartFTP for Windows.Now connect to your device using the FTP client at

  • hostname: the ip address of your device
  • UserName: root
  • password: alpine ( or any password you might have, in case you changed it )
  • And make sure you select SFTP port 22

Once you have gotten your connection, navigate over to /System/Library/Lockdown and download the Services.plist to your computer, and open it with a plist editor. ( if on windows, learn how to edit plist file here )

You will need to add the following to your plist:

  • Label
  • ProgramArguments /usr/libexec/afcd
  • item 1 –lockdown
  • item 2 -d
  • item 3 /

So it would look like this:

Save the file and upload it back to the same spot on your device. Now reboot.After the device is done rebooting, you should have access to the root folder again.

murdaFSM edit:

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of editing your own plist file, download this one here. Just follow the steps to get to yours and replace it with the one you just downloaded.