HOW TO: Emoji Without Jail Breaking

Always wondered how some iPhone/iPod touch users have those cool little japanese Emojicons? They are already on the device, they just need a little tweak to get them to show up. People with jail broken devices have it easy, just get an enabler from Cydia and the secret keyboard shows up in the settings. But what if you don’t want to jailbreak? Wha? no jailbreak? Thats crazy. But believe it or not some people are not ready to dive in to the jail break waters yet. ( if you are one of those people, make sure to check out our eBook. It will teach you everything you need to know, and once you go jailbreak you don’t look back )

photo credits: Basy-chan

Thats where app developers with a little rebel in them come into play. The developer (um, me) of PayUpSucker! , the easy to use I.O.U creator. has put in a little easter egg for you. Just type in Getmoji! on the UOMe page of the app and like magic, the hidden preference will show up in the japanese keyboard preferences. Nice, huh? Thank me later. Amuse your self with the new Emojis by trying to string them together to make an elaborate pictogram. On to the video for a better explanation.

A little note, Emoji’s will only display on other iDevices, but all your friends have iPhones right? Though, if you use PayUpSucker to type them out, you can then save that as a screenshot or email, and the emoji’s will show up fine. How’s that for a work around?