Eminem To Release An iPhone Game

If you are a fan of Eminem , than you know that he is going to release a new album on May 19th. What you might dont know is that the rapper got planned a iPhone/iTouch game , that will be released in the same day with the new album. So far nobody knows nothing about this game, beside a screenshot that eminem posted on TwitPic.

Speculate, anticipate and do whatever else you want with the screenshot, but it’s all we’ve got. Judging by the screenshot itself, this might be a whackier, 3D version of Zombieville USA starring Slim Shady as the main character with a plank for a weapon. Whatever it may be, it sure looks polished for a title that hasn’t been discussed much in the industry. Expect “Relape: The Game” to be released in the App Store on the same day as it’s album counterpart on May 19th 2009.