Eminem Debutes On The iPhone App Scene With Relapse

There was a lot of fuss and mystery around this game. First Eminem threw just a screenshot on the internet and everybody went crazy, than we got an official trailer, and everybodys interest on this game grew to the sky. Well now the game is out for $2.99 in the iTunes AppStore , and just like his new album this game fails so bad.

I mean as far as the album goes, what ever, you know? He got his own style which is way too old, he does this since way before the slim shady LP, people still want to see this fooling around and i can understand that. But after i’ve seen this game’s gameplay video, i dont even want to get this game on my iPhone. Not cracked, and i certainly wont buy it. Right now, i think Relapse = FAIL , and i am really disappointed . But i would sure would like to know what you think about it. And if u are an Eminem Fanboy, please dont bother me/us with your comments, we dont care. If you got something to say about the game thats relevant ( i.e this games rules because of X, this game sucks because of X ) than please share your thoughts.