EarJax Lyrics by BodyGuardz: Do They Sound As Good As They Look?


As you know, the other day I posted a “thank you note” to our friends over at BodyGuardz. While I stand by my thoughts and musings at the time, they have sense delivered an apology, and stated that my package was simply mishandled. Today I got a new care package from them that included said apology note, some other trinkets, and a brand new set of their top of the line $99 Earjax lyrics headphones.

Now given just how bad their less expensive cousins were, and believe me they are awful, I didn’t hold a lot of hope for these new, more expensive units. To be perfectly honest, until I received them, I had already kinda written them off, thinking perhaps I could at least use them for the office “white elephant” party. Suffice to say I had absolutely no intention of reviewing them… until they arrived.

Im going to start by stating that I am a bit of an audiophile. I like my music. I get really offended when manufactures “mess up” and Im left with terrible sounding garbage that was once a masterpiece. This is why I was so critical on the EarJax: Beats. To most people they might be ok, but to me they might as well have just kicked my dog. Everything about them, aside from how well they fit in my ear, was bad. For this reason, when I pulled the Lyrics out of their carton for the first time, although impressed by their build quality and such which I  will touch on a bit later, I really wasn’t expecting much. I have two words for you, “mind blown”.

Not only are these headphones incredibly comfortable, they sound absolutely fantastic. Highs are crisp and clean, and lows are deep and sexy, perfectly balanced for the equipment. I was also impressed that I was able to play a melodically complex song at maximum volume with absolutely no distortion what so ever. Now they are only $99 headphones, so they do leave some things to be desired, but this is to be expected. That said, these headphones preform on par or better, then some $199 in ear headphones I have used previously. To those curious, my only real issues with these units were some sound leaking at higher volumes, but that really doesn’t bother me… just the guy next to me on the bus.

As far as build quality, these things are solid. The cord is nice and long, and its covered in a tangle resistant cover that makes it nice. the head phones themselves are very well built and provide the feel you would expect from a nice set of headphones. Very well done.

As noted before, it had originally been my intention to pass these along as a white elephant present at the office christmas party… this is not happening. It is my intent to use these till they stop functioning, or blow. In both cases Im hoping that that time is in the relatively distant future.

It should also be noted that when purchasing these headphones, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Starkey Hearing foundation, which to my understanding helps provide hearing aids and such to deaf kids. Very cool.

You can pick up a set of your very own here. Check them out!